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The second part of this essay focuses on life extension cons, and the downside to this branch of science. Even if population continues to grow well beyond 15 billion, we can expect human intelligence and technology to comfortably handle the numbers.

Take someone convicted of a heinous crime, like the torture and murder of a child. Can the Earth support such a number? Is there any crime that would justify eternal imprisonment? Yes, but fear is a misleading way to represent how I feel Life extension essay the possible loss of the precious life of a loved-one.

Scientists do not know exactly why people age and die. The desertification of collectively or government owned land in Africa is another. Facts include things like, "It is raining" and "Water boils at degrees Celsius".


Air quality is major urban areas continues to improve, and the Great Lakes are returning toward earlier levels of purity. Indeed, it may simply lead to more starving people. To me, discussing the value of life extension with people uninterested in extending their own lives is a great deal like suicide counseling.

If we want to discourage fertility, or at least refrain from pushing it up, we will stop subsidizing it.

Life extension

How important to you is the on-going survival of your friends and family? From the beginnings of civilization, people have contemplated their own mortality — and considered the possibility of immortality.

This second study — begun infive years after the Wisconsin research — has shown no appreciable difference in longevity between rhesus monkeys fed a normal diet and those given 30 percent fewer calories. Freed by technology from the time-consuming drudgeries of daily life, people will have the time and resources to explore their innermost beings — and the innermost beings of others.

Even without eternal survival, however, population will grow exponentially as powers of 2 if each couple has four surviving children.

Hell on Earth

More efficient recycling, less polluting production processes, and better monitoring and detection of polluters, along with economic incentives making each producer responsible for their output, will allow us to continue improving our environment even as population grows. If we achieve this level of mastery, we will have the keys to production without pollution.

Prevailing Christian theology asks us to believe that an all-powerful, all-knowing being would do what no human parent could ever do: Claims that countless galaxies in the vast universe render tiny Earth and Earthlings insignificant are also appeals to objective value.

Second, there is evidence suggesting that less complex creatures derive much more benefit from caloric restriction than more complex species. Say the Soviets had gotten to the bunker before he killed himself, and say capital punishment was out of the question — would we have put him behind bars forever?

Life extension Essay

But if technology eliminates aging, minds can continue to grow without becoming rigid or inflexible.Life extension would change a lot more than just living longer, but change technology.

Not much is known about the future of the human lifespan, but we can be sure that scientists are on their way to discovering the secret to living longer. Three arguments against extending the human lifespan. Martien A M Pijnenburg and Carlo Leget, Author Reflecting on the desirability of research that is explicitly aimed at life extension, we shall present three serious objections, relating to justice, to the community and.

View Life Extension Supporters Essay from SCIENCE Medical Et at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Life extension enthusiasts Meanwhile, as critics of anti-aging interventions.

To Count Our Days: The Scientific and Ethical Dimensions of Radical Life Extension

What happens to life sentences if our lifespan is radically extended? A philosopher talks about future punishment How will radical life extension transform punishment?

| Aeon Essays. Radical Life Extension Is Unethical and Unrealistic Essay - The idea of extending life challenges the circle of life: we come into this world, we live, and we leave. It is not right for people to go against that law and it is completely unethical. Life extension is an increase in maximum lifespan - Life extension introduction.

The aging process could be stopped by replacing organs with artificial organs (xenotransplantations) and molecular repair. Life eextensionists, those who take are taking advantage of the life extension findings and using them for themselves, are.

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Life extension essay
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